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Dealing With Dominant and Pushy Cat Behavior

Some cats are more dominant than others and this can lead to issues in a multiple cat households. Find out what you can do to deal with a pushy cat.

Pictures of Tuxedo Cats and Kittens

Check out these cute pictures of tuxedo cats and kittens, learn more about their patterns and meet famous tuxedo cats in history.

7 Amazing Facts About Polydactyl Cats

Learn about the health, history, and cultural influence of polydactyl cats—or cats with extra toes on their paws.

Scottish Fold Cat — Full Profile, History, and Care

The Scottish fold cat breed has small ears that are folded forward. Known for being a warm, attentive cat, its ear fold gene increases risk for disease.

Serval Cat — Full Profile, History, and Care

The serval cat is a wild cat that has been gaining in popularity among exotic pet owners. It requires a large, outdoor enclosure and an exotics vet.

Reasons Why Cats Overgroom and How to Stop It

Overgrooming behavior in cats can be caused by stress and anxiety. Use these techniques to release the stress and see what works best for your cat.

Tortoiseshell Cat Facts and Pictures

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about tortoiseshell cats—swoon over cute pictures and learn fun facts about these adorable cats and kittens.

How to Treat Cat Constipation

Learn about constipation in cats. Find out what causes cat constipation and how to help your cat.

How to Treat Cheyletiella in Cats

Cheyletiella mites can cause itching and dandruff in cats and it can be transferred to humans. There are several effective treatments for your pet.

What to Expect With Your Kitten's First Vet Visit

The first veterinary visit is an important step to making sure your kitten is healthy now and in the future. Find out what you can expect.

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