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Pregnancy, Your New Baby, and Your Cat

If you're pregnant and own a cat, learn these important safety tips. Know how to handle cat litter and how to prepare kitty for your baby's arrival.

How to Train Your Cat to Eliminate Fear Aggression

Fear aggression can be a serious issue in some felines. Learn about cat aggression, how to prevent cat attacks, and how to soothe fear aggression.

Why Do Cats Groom and Lick Themselves So Often?

Cats may spend as much as half their time grooming and licking themselves. What leads to this behavior, and how does it help your cat?

How to Thoroughly Head Check Your Cat

Learn all about the signs that your cat is healthy, starting with the condition of its head from ears to whiskers.

How To Solve Cat Litter Box Behavioral Issues

You love your cats, but you don’t like it when they pee or poop outside the litter box, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal guarantees a seven-day odor-free home

Learn Why a Cat May Not Meow

When a cat doesn't meow, it is often just natural behavior, but when its silence is accompanied by other symptoms, have a vet examine your pet.

Why Your Cat Paws the Floor After Eating

Many cats paw at the floor or bury their food. It's a natural behavior, but it's easy to modify.

Maine Coon Cat – Full Profile, History, and Care

One of the largest domesticated cats, a Maine coon cat is considered a gentle giant and one of the most popular breeds in America.

How to Stop Your Cat From Rejecting a New Kitten

Some cats have a difficult time adjusting to a new kitten. Learn why your cat may not get along with others and how you can help ease the tension.

How to Train Your Scared Cat to Be Confidient

Cats can become scared for any number of reasons. Learn about techniques that can help your fearful cat and reduce its anxiety so kitty lives a happy life.

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