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Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish

Artificially Colored Aquarium Fish

Not all brightly colored fish come by their colors naturally. Before you make a purchase, you should know if your fish was painted or dyed.

Fish Mouth Types and Their Uses

Fish mouth types reveal much about the diet, method, and location of where a fish feeds. There are 7 basic fish mouth configurations.

Preferred Tank Levels for Community Fish Species

Choosing fish that prefer different levels within the tank results in a more attractive aquarium and assures your fish will not compete for space.

How to Safely Add Fish to an Aquarium

Safely add new fish to your aquarium by acclimating them to the temperature and pH of the tank water.

How to Find Your Missing Aquarium Fish

Every aquarium owner has looked at their tank and couldn't locate all the fish. There are different causes for the disappearances.

Acriflavine for Aquarium Fish

Acriflavine is a medication often used for treating fungal infections and external parasites in aquarium fish.

Fish Can be Omnivores, Herbivores or Carnivores

Not all fish eat flakes you buy from the pet store. Make sure you know the proper diet for your pet fish so they stay healthy and live long lives.

Fixing Bacterial Bloom in Your Aquarium

Bacterial blooms are part of the nitrogen cycle as an aquarium stabilizes. Learn how good tank maintenance prevents severe bacterial blooms later.

Aquarium Plants – Real or Artificial?

Which plant is better for your freshwater aquarium, real or artificial? Here are the pros and cons of living versus artificial aquarium plants.

Swimming, Balance, Oxygen and Food Consumption in Fish

Most fish swim using body movements, not fin movements. Their fins are balancers, with the exception of the tail fin, which propels the fish forward.

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